GamesFlix 2020: How to Download Games from GamesFlix?

How to Download Games from GamesFlix? GamesFlix is a torrent/piracy website which offers a large collection of PC, Mobile, Xbox, etc. games for free. GamesFlix is a part of Moviesflix or Animeflix. Yes, you are correct, that moviesflix which is very popular. It has a collection of games released in the last 30years. The games are available in various formats here. Even the cracked version of PC, Mobile, games are also available on this website. The look, feel of the site is very professional. Here I tell you how to download games from GamesFlix.
You can also download different types of movies, anime from here.

GamesFlix 2020: How to Download Games from GamesFlix?

It also features the latest Games released this year. Games are available in various download formats and file sizes. If you didn’t find your game you wished to download then you can also request them to upload that. They have their own telegram channel from where you get every update regarding this channel. You can also join there by clicking here.

Link to Website:

Games Genres Available on GamesFlix

The website is categorized in a very professional way. Not this their all websites are all categorized in a very professional way and seems like they used to work hard on it all the time for this. There is a genre tab in a navigation bar in which games are categorized based on their genre. Various genre available on GamesFlix are Action, Adventure, Arcade, Fighting, Horror, Survival, etc.

Sizes available on GamesFlix

On GamesFlix, you can download games in various file sizes depending on your PC configuration son that you won’t be able to regret if that doesn’t work on your PC after running that game. It uploads games in different file sizes. Some well-known sizes available are under 1GB, 1-10GB, etc. download which suits best for you and I will tell you how to download games from GamesFlix.

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Why GamesFlix/ AnimeFlix/ Moviesflix is popular?

Despite being a piracy website, Animeflix/ Moviesflix is very popular. The major reason behind its popularity is that it has collection of games,movies and animes from countless genres and languages. It provides the facility of downloading(or watching) any games/movies/animes for free. The temptation to download the games/movie/anime of free makes this website so popular.

Before moving to how to download games from GamesFlix, let’s have a look tour of this website and learn how to use it.

Website Tour

In top column at navigation bar, you see 7 different types of the bottoms which are: Genre, Year, Size, Games Series, Social Links, Download Movies and Lyricsflix.

In the Genre column, you will get the different types of genre of game you want. Action, Adventure, Arcade, Fighting, Horror, Survival, Shooter, Survival, Mystery, Sports and Racing, from them you will choose your genre games and find your game you wish to download.

In the Year section, games are divided into their released years, here you find games from the 1990s till now.

In the Size section, games are categorized based on their configuration and their sizes as earlier I said, you can search games here even under 1GB and also within 40-50GB you need to search it according to your PC configurations.

In the Games Series section, you will games which have too many series most famous series games are GTA (Grand Theft Auto), Call of Duty, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Need For Speed, Metro, Prototype, etc.

In Social Links section, you find their social handles like Facebook, Telegram, etc.

In Download Movies section, there is a link of MoviesFlix which is their movie downloading site.

In LyricsFlix section, there is a link for song with lyrics which isn’t available right now but it will may be available in upcoming times.

How to Download Games from GamesFlix?

Step 01: Write down the name of Game (which you want to download) in the search bar.

Step 02: Open that by clicking on the poster or on the name of that game.

Step 03: After that, scrool down and click on download links.

Step 04: Now a new tab will open which will ask you to wait for few seconds. After the time is over click on “Continue”.

Step 05: Now again a new tab will open and it will ask you to wait for few seconds to generate links.

Step 06: Once the waiting time is over. It will ask you to choose the servers you want to download.
my recommendation is to download it with “google drive link” it will be easier.

Step 07: Now again a new tab will open and it will ask to wait 2-5seconds. After that a “Download this File” button will popup. Click on that I will automatically starts your download. If you choose gdrive it will let you there at google Drive where you find a download button. Click on that and enjoy.


There are many websites within the market which says that they’re the safest and secure site to download games, movies, etc. But really, they’re a fake site which will steal your personal data. But this site (i.e. gamesflix or moviexflix) isn’t like others. This is often the safest and secure website to download games. Just use this website to download your favourite games, movie or series and luxuriate in it!
Note: Downloading movies or any kind of series from piracy websites are illegal, download it from legal websites.